Examples of our books

This page features a few examples of books that we have printed. These, and all of the books featured in the banner pictures in this site have been printed using our advanced digital printing technology.


A5 Size Soft Cover

This vibrant example is of an A5 size perfect bound book. Typical of the size and style used for stories, instructional and commercial books. Covers are normally printed on 280gsm light card, internal pages can be colour or black and white. The cover of this particular book is not laminated. The finished size is approximately 148mm x 207mm and there is a title on the spine.


SRA5 Gloss Laminated Cover

This 328 page book has both colour and black and white pages. It is printed on a higher quality 90gsm paper. The cover is laminated and the finished size is approximately 159mm x 223mm.


Short Run Magazine

Pictured is the 60th edition of a periodical that we have been printing for many years. Takahe features four full colour centre pages and is finished to the non standard size of 260mm x 190mm

Takahe is published by the Takahe Collective Trust


A4 Size Soft Cover

We recommend this type of book for family histories and for reunion publications as the larger format is best for pictures, graphs and charts. The cover is printed on card and laminated. The book is perfect bound with a title and author's name on the spine. The finished size is approximately 210mm x 294mm


A5 with Munken Cream Pages

This small and personal book features both poems and sketches by its author. The internal pages have been printed on traditional cream paper for a timeless look. The finished size is 148mm x 207mm


Wire Bound

These books can have the same characteristics and be the same size as others shown on this page but the wire binding ensures that they open easily and lie flat on a table or desk. Popular binding colours are black, white and silver but other colours such as bronze, red, green and blue are available. A good choice for cook books and technical manuals.


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